World of Warcraft Costumes


World of Warcraft Illidan Costume

Game playing and role playing is a favorite hobby for kids and adults alike. One of the most popular role playing games is World of Warcraft and it continues to enthrall fans.

The costumes based on the some of the characters in this universe will be the ones that you’ll see on top ten lists for Halloween must-haves. One of the reasons is because of the complexity of the world and the multitude of players that can interact together on quests.

World of Warfare Orc Costume

World of Warfare Orc Costume

You’re going to find that there will be those who can aid you on your journey as well as those who will definitely be a roadblock to you getting what you want. Some of the characters you’ll discover will be loyal through thick and thin.

Others won’t be loyal or helpful and may even try to take your life. The popularity of World of Warcraft continues year after year thanks in part because it has no shortage of heroes as well as villains.

Fans of all ages root for both the good and the evil characters in this role playing game. You can find many different races in the game including human, night elf or blood elf, gnome, orc, goblin, undead, dwarf and more.

Your character can be involved in single quests or group quests that can change your world. One of the most well known orcs is Mankrik who is out for revenge for the loss of his wife during an attack by their enemies.

World of Warfare Arthas Costume


Kael’thas Sunstrider is a blood elf who is widely known in the World of Warcraft universe. Though he supposedly died, the odds are in his favor that he’ll be a returning character.

The costume shown on Jaina Proudmoore in the game is outstanding. The short, crop top with the blue hooded jacket leaves the stomach bare and leads to the long, flowing skirt. This character has seen her share of devastation.

The character Sargeras is one of the evil villains in World of Warcraft that fans have learned to watch out for and costumes for him will be in demand, too. If there’s a problem or something bad going down, you can bet he’s got a finger in the middle of that pie.

Illidan Stormrage is a character that’s a bit of a puzzle. Not only does he have a cool name, but he’s kind of hard to figure out just which part he’s for, the good or the bad because he’s done both. You might want to choose a costume of his.

You think this fighter is fighting for good, but then you see that his actions don’t always prove that. This fighter has become a fan favorite, though despite his either side actions.