Addams Family Costumes for Adults

Seriously, who doesn’t love the Addams Family? Sure, they’re creepy and they’re kooky, perhaps even mysterious and spooky, but certainly not ooky! For those of us who grew up with the Addams Family, the last thing they are is ooky.

They also make a great choice of a Halloween costume, and if you’re going as a group, so much the better. The great thing about Addams Family costumes is that they’re all great, so that no one needs to feel that they got the bad costume.

Whether you choose the beautiful Morticia, the debonair Gomez, or even a naughty-style Wednesday, you can be sure of your family’s loyalty, especially if you’re hanging out with Uncle Fester or Cousin Itt. Happy Haunting!

#1Morticia Addams adult costume

#2Gomez Addams adult costume

#3Uncle Fester Addams adult costume
Uncle Fester

#4Sexy Wednesday Addams Adult Costume
Naughty Wednesday

#5Cousin Itt Addams adult costume
Cousin Itt

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