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austin powers and fembot

Austin Powers and Fembot

Although Halloween has a whole terrorizing feel to it, a little fun does not hurt anybody. This is exactly why people love the Austin Powers theme, when October 31st rolls around. The Austin Powers Trilogy is based on old-school parodying of detective movies, such as the James Bond series. With goofy sequences and sexual innuendos, people love Austin Powers. When Halloween comes around, it becomes one of the popular themes to choose a costume from. This is especially the case with couples, as this movie offers a range to choose from.

Austin Powers

So, if you are a guy and you want to get a costume of one of the characters from Austin Powers, here is what you can choose from. Firstly, the most popular choice is Austin powers himself. There are two basic costumes of Austin Powers. Both of these costumes are basically blue in color, however, one is plain blue, while the other one is blue with white stripes. These costumes consist of your regular suits and black shoes. The plain royal blue suit has a dickey with lace cravat, whereas the stripped suit comes with an orange shirt.

Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil Costume

Dr. Evil

With the suits, there is an accessory pack, which consists of an Austin Powers wig, fake teeth and glasses. Add these to the suit of your liking and you are ready to go. If you are not happy with either the two suits and want something different, you can always opt for the Dr. Evil costume, which is made up of a gray jacket, with mock-collar, and gray pants to go with it. It also comes with an accessory kit, which is made up of a bald cap, pinky ring, and make for scarred skin. This brings an evil touch to your character, compared to the hero-touch of Austin Powers. Got a friend to celebrate Halloween? Why not have a hero-villain combination?

Felicity Shagwell

Coming to girls’ costumes from this theme, the most popular costume is of Felicity Shagwell. Her costume is made up of a blue embroidered shirt, blue shorts, and long dark brown boots. Her costume gives a bad girl feeling to your character.

Vanessa Kensington

Another choice that you are going to have is of Vanessa Kensington’s costume. Her costume is much fancier, with silver as the base color. The costume is made up of a small glossy silver dress with boots of the same color. Add a toy gun and you Vanessa Kensington character is completed.

Foxxy Cleopatra

Foxxy Cleopatra Wig

Foxxy Cleopatra wig

If you do not like either of the two, you have a third option. This is of Foxxy Cleopatra. Played by Beyonce in the movie, one can imagine why people love the character and her costume so much. It is orange in color, and is made up of cropped jacket, shiny pants and a hairpiece to go with them.

You can mix these characters just the way you want to. Austin Powers with Vanessa or Dr. Evil with Foxxy Cleopatra; the combinations are quite a few to choose from. Therefore, in addition to the fact that these costumes are amazingly rich in character, they offer an immense range. Nothing adds color to your Halloween better than two people, coming together in Austin Powers themed costumes.

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