Baby Bunting Costumes




Baby Dragon Costume

Baby Dragon Costume

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a baby bunting costume on an infant. And there is a huge variety of options for new Moms and Dads to choose from these days. You might want to go with a traditional costume, like a pumpkin bunting outfit or a little witch.

Superhero Costumes

Superheroes and characters are popular with older kids, but you might want to consider one of the baby bunting Superhero or character costumes for your little one. They have Spiderman, Hulk, and Captain America for the boys and Snow White, Baby Swee’ Pea from Popeye, or a pretty Princess.

Animal Costumes

Shrimp Baby Bunting Costume

Shrimp Baby Bunting Costume

There are some wonderful animal costumes for babies to wear, too. Many are under the sea varieties, like the little baby Sea Horse, unique Mermaid, Baby Shrimp, Great White Baby Shark, or Nemo the Clown Fish.

Other baby animal bunting costumes are the winged variety – little Baby Ladybugs, sweet, colorful Butterflies, a little Night Owl and precious Bumblebees that don’t sting! You can even find a bunting Angry Birds costume, too!

Lots More Cute Choices

There are some costumes that don’t really fall into any specific category. A baby bunting sunflower costume is a beautiful choice. The bottom part is the stem, where your little one is wrapped up, and the flower wraps around his or her face with gorgeous bright yellow petals.

Some other cute choices are a football bunting costume. This is best used with a tiny infant, like a newborn. It comes complete with an infant hat to complete the look. A Crayola crayon is precious, too – and the cap on this one is the tip of the crayon.

If you have twins, then you might want to dress them up as ketchup and mustard bottles. The tips of the bottles are for the baby hats. They also have hot dog bunting costumes if you want to make one a hot dog, and the other mustard.

peas in a pod

Pea Pod Baby Bunting Costume

Food is one popular choice for baby bunting costumes. Some of the most popular bunting outfits are a pea pod, yellow banana, and a chili pepper. The chili pepper is really cute because the bunting is red and the baby cap is the green stem.

Three more cute food bunting costume choices for babies are sweet treats. You can dress your baby up in a candy corn bunting costume, where the cap is the third color in the corn.

tootsie roll

Tootsie Roll Baby Bunting Costume

A Tootsie Roll is a cute option, because the hat looks like the end of the candy wrapper all twisted up, waiting for you to unwrap it. But this year’s newest option is a waffle cone bunting costume, where your baby lays in a cone, and their outfit looks like ice cream. The baby cap is the cherry on top.

If you have a silly sense of humor (or giggle at the fact that your baby has gas a lot), then you might even consider the baby bunting Whoopie Cushion costume. It wraps around the baby’s face, so the whole thing is round and looks exactly like a Whoopie Cushion. Just make sure no children playfully sit on the baby to see if it works!

For these and other cute choices, check out Amazon’s collection of Baby Bunting Halloween Costumes.


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