Career Costumes for Couples

A career costume idea is fun for couples – and you can either dress alike or mix and match, since most couple typically wouldn’t have the same career anyway (unless they met on the job).

Women's Wartime Officer Costume

Women’s Wartime Officer Costume

Military couple costumes are hot and sexy! You can both be dressed up for the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. Everyone likes a man in uniform, and the women’s costumes that complement it are great, too.

Couples astronaut costumes are a fun idea. They can either be the jumpsuits worn into outer space, or some futuristic astronaut costumes where the woman’s is actually a skirt made of silver.

Hero costumes like firefighters or police officers are good couple costume ideas. There are matching costumes for men and women in both. Or, you could be the cop and your spouse could be the prisoner outfitted in an orange jumpsuit.

Men's Swat Costume

Men’s Swat Costume

If you both want to play on the same side of the law, then try dressing up as a SWAT couple – or both wearing the classic, traditional prison outfit that’s black and white striped.

How about mysteries and thrillers? Your man can dress as Sherlock Holmes and you can be a detective dressed alongside him. Carry a magnifying glass around with you, while he carries his signature pipe in his mouth.

If the Mrs. Is pregnant, how about dressing up as chefs together and making a scene with your “bun in the oven?” They have maternity chef outfits that are perfect for this purpose, and matching men’s costumes, too.

Woman's Firefighter Costume

Woman’s Firefighter Costume

Doctor and nurse costumes are always popular. They range from demure and classy to sexy getups for both the man and the woman. The nun and priest (or Pope) costumes are also created in the same vein – some honorable, and others not so much.

If you’re both into sports, you can dress up as your favorite team members. Or, you can just celebrate the game that’s your favorite. For instance, he could be the referee, and she could dress up as a football or baseball player – or vice versa. There are costumes for women for either position.

Men's Boxer Costume

Men’s Boxer Costume

Another sports couple costume idea is a boxer and ring girl look. He will wear the silky boxer shorts and robe with gloves, while she dresses in a halter top and cute shorts with a sign to hold above her head.

Couples costumes are easy to find and they look awesome when you arrive at a party together, showing your unity. Make sure both costumes are comfortable so that you each have a good time at the party.

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