Cute Baby Bats

Oh, how precious!

When October’s in the air, and Halloween’s just around the corner, everything spooky and creepy is out to get you — and babies are no exception. These cute baby bat costumes are just made for little ones who want to participate in the festivities, and look super cute doing it, too!

Just a few of my very favorite baby bat costumes. Wouldn’t one look darling on your baby?

#1Newborn Baby Bat Costume
Just Relaxin’

#2Unisex Infant Bat Costume
Hey There!

#3Cute Baby and Toddler Bat Costume
Ready to Rumble

#4Cute-T Bat Infant and Toddler Costume
Earnin’ My Wings

#5Baby Lil Bat Costume
Up, Up, and Away!


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