Everlast Boxer Boy’s Costume

Everlast Boxer Boy's Costume

Everlast Boxer Boy’s Costume

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you’re buying a Halloween costume, especially if it’s a costume for a little boy. You want to find the perfect outfit, one that he’ll be comfortable in and will also not hinder his movements or vision.

Many of the Halloween outfits that you can choose from are made of material that’s too thin and come with cheap masks that will obscure your child’s eyes. You don’t want that.

You want to find something that he’ll love and will be unique at the same time. Little boys love boxing and one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year is the Everlast Boxer Boy’s Costume.

Unlike other boys’ costumes, this one doesn’t look like it’s mass produced. It’s cute, clever and comfortable. The sizing can fit older boys, too. It can fit a child as young as three and he’ll look adorable while wearing it.

In fact, when you take him trick or treating, you’ll be loaded down with comments along with candy.

The costume is made of polyester and it’s extremely well made, so you’ll get a few dress up months out of it – because what most little boys will do is hang onto the costume to play with because they love it so much.

It can be machine washed, but it has to be in cold water only and you do want to be careful with it in the dryer because of the satin material. This is a one piece shorts and shirt costume but you can’t tell that from looking at it because it’s so well made.

The light blue shorts have a satin sheen to them just like real boxers have in the shorts that they use for the ring. The shorts are decorated with wide white cuffs at the bottom. The fit of the shorts is well below the knees and they’re not form fitting, so they’ll fit any size boy.

The shorts do have the Everlast tag at the waist of the suit. There is a puckered elastic design at the waist to help give the illusion that the shirt and shorts are two separate pieces.

Along with the one piece shirt and shorts, there’s also a robe that comes with this costume. The robe is in the same blue satin finish that the shorts are made of. The edges of the robe are trimmed in wide white material that’s also on the cuffs of the sleeves.

There is a tie that comes with the robe. The hood of the robe is attached so you won’t have to worry about it falling off the costume and losing it. Because it’s a hood rather than a mask, this leaves your child’s face free of anything that would obstruct his eyes, nose or mouth.

There are bright red boxing gloves that come with the costume. These gloves have the Everlast logo on the ends of them and they’re padded like real boxing gloves. Your little boy will love pretending he’s a powerhouse boxer!

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