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Sandy and Danny Grease Costumes

In 1978, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John starred in a musical movie, based on the music scene in the 1950s. The movie was a hit and went on to win an Oscar. About 35 years later, people still love the movie and its characters. As a result, costumes from this movie are a popular choice, regardless of the occasion. Travolta gives a breathtaking 50s look in the movie, with his Elvis-like hair. Olivia, with her blow-dried blonde hair, adds further color to an already amazing movie. Overtime, costumes inspired by the movie have gained vast popularity. If you have a partner and you are thinking about molding yourselves in this theme for Halloween, you have not made a wrong decision. Let us see why.

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Danny Zuko

Ya Gotta Have the Wig!

Ya Gotta Have the Wig!

Danny, who is played by Travolta, wears a traditional leather jacket in the movie. You are going to find that his costumes also portray this same image. The usual Danny costume is made up of a black leather jacket, white t-shirt, pair of jeans, sneakers, and a wig to go with it. The whole get up takes you back in time, giving an elegantly classic look. If you want to look good while following a theme, there are not many better options than this one. Add a wig to this costume, and you have yourself a new John Travolta.

Sandy Olsson

Grease Sandy Jacket

Bad Sandy Jacket

Coming to Olivia’s character of Sandy, you will see similar costumes. Her costumes are made up of polyester and are in total black color, and consist of a top, a pair of capri pants and an elastic waistband and belt. Her costumes may or may not come with a leather jacket. This might depend on where you shop and what your budget is. This costume goes best with red sandals, while you can get the blow-dried wig of Sandy, if you do not have the hair to match hers.

These costumes would give your couple a graceful look of the 50s. The amazing duo received great acclamation and the movie won an Oscar. Their wardrobe also received recognition from across the globe. This makes this duo a great choice for Halloween costumes, for you and your partner, regardless of the fact that this theme does not offer much variety.

The kids of today may be fans of Zac Efron and his High School Musical, but Grease was the real High School Musical of the olden days. This is why the characters are still adored by many. If you and your partner are ready to dress this Halloween, as Sandy and Danny, you are going to have the spotlights right on you. On a day where the dead comes to life, you have the chance to bring the trend of 50s back to life.


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