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Cowboy and Cowgirl Costumes

While the actual definition of a cowboy refers to an animal herder in North America, it is not what has led to the popularity of the concept – making little children, across the globe, wanting to be cowboys and cowgirls. The whole idea of riding on a horseback, with a big, round hat and long boots, stems from the Wild West and the interesting characters from back then. The memories were recently revived by the movie The Lone Ranger. If you and your partner are looking for a Wild West touch for this Halloween, you are in for a huge collection of costumes to choose from.

The Lone Ranger

sexy lone ranger

Yes, Lone Ranger costumes are
available for women, too

Let us first consider the movie, The Lone Ranger. This movie has two main characters: Tonto and Lone Ranger. The costume of Lone Ranger is gives a traditional bandit cowboy touch, which reminds many of Zorro. It has a black suit and shoes, a normal belt and then the one with a holster, a big, white cowboy hat and a mask to cover the eyes. The mask adds the whole bad boy feeling to the costume, showing the character is more of a renegade, than a gentleman.



Tonto wig

The other character, Tonto, is a Native American. His costume consists of a beaded chest-piece with faux fur trim and faux suede pants, while it also has fringes attached. Furthermore, there is an armband, beaded bracelet and black belt. The richness of the character and the details in the general Indian dressing, allows for this costume to have a unique depth. Adding fuel to fire, Johnny Depp played the part. Add some makeup and a wig and you are ready for your ultimate adventurous look. The pairing of these two does wonders in the movie and you and your partner can too, this October 31st.

Western Costumes

wild west costume

Don’t underestimate
the Clint Eastwood look.

If you do like the movie, yet do not want to follow the characters, you can still mold yourself into the cowboy/cowgirl theme and add color to your Halloween. These generic Western dresses are not too hard to catch. The generic dresses consists of big hats, big boots, bandanas, leathery clothing and vests. Add a toy gun and your Western character is ready.

However, the huge variety allows for many costumes, from the same basic concept, to be made. You are likely to come across different costumes, such as one with the whole look of a waiter, with big mustache, and a gun, or other characters with big jackets and hats, which would remind you of Indiana Jones.

The characters of the Wild West were different and the style of each one of them was different from the other. This allows imagination to draw different ideas and thus, the wide variety of costumes. With the most funny-looking to the most stylish ones, you are likely to come across every type of costume. The good thing about these costumes is that you can get your hands on them, regardless of your sex. Girl or boy, man or woman, if you want a Western costume to match your tastes, you are going to find just that.

While the traditional feeling of Halloween is of ghosts and the undead, if you are dressing as one of these characters from the West, you are only adding more color to an already interesting event. While other Halloween costumes stay in the closet for the rest of the year, costumes like these have the ability to stay in style throughout the year, allowing you to wear it to various themed parties. It is about time you and your partner put on some hats and holster some guns.


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