Little Princess Juliet Costume

Little Princess Juliet Costume

Little Princess Juliet Costume

It’s almost time for Halloween and that means finding the perfect costume for your little princess. There are a multitude of costumes that you can consider. Some of the ones that always seem to be a big hit are the angel costumes or the fairy costumes – especially the more unique ones.

However, the most popular costume this year will be the Little Princess Juliet Costume and it looks just like something you’d see straight out of a storybook. It has that same flair that will remind you of the time when kings and queens ruled the lands.

When your child wears this one, she’s sure to get plenty of admiration over how great the outfit looks. This costume is made of polyester and has to be washed by hand. And it’s made to fit girls in small or medium sizes.

The costume is a dress that’s done in a lovely gold color and it has a ruffled bottom. The top of the dress has a V design that’s trimmed with edging. Over the top of the gold material is a gauzy purple overlay that gives the dress its renaissance look.

A purple headdress does come as part of the costume and this piece is designed with gold stripes on it. There are no slippers with the costume so you’ll have to purchase those separately.

Renaissance Queen Child Costume

Renaissance Queen Child Costume

In keeping with the renaissance look of a Halloween costume, you might also want to consider the popular Forum Novelties Renaissance Queen Child Costume. This costume is also made of polyester and includes the dress as well as the headpiece.

It can fit larger sized children. The dress is made of royal purple as is befitting the station of a queen. The top of the dress has lattice work ribbon twined throughout the front of the bodice.

The neckline, waist and bodice are all trimmed in eyelet lace. The sleeves of the dress are long, reaching down past the wrists and the tops of the sleeves are made of light purple material that puffs out.

Along with the dress, there is a lovely silver crown. Attached to this crown is a gauzy purple veil. The shoes and wand are not included with this costume.


Also in the same renaissance theme is the Camelot Princess Costume in blue.

This costume features a blue material with a flower insert on the front for the bottom part of the dress. The skirt area is trimmed in gold edging. The top of the dress is partially trimmed in the same edging.

The sleeves are puffy and made of the same flower material that’s part of the skirt. The sleeves are long and made of sheer netting in parts but end in the flower material trimmed in blue ruffles. A gold crown comes with this costume.

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