Men’s Blood Line Adult Dark Prince Costume

Rubie's Costume Men's Blood Line Adultl Dark Prince Costume

Rubie’s Costume Men’s Blood Line Adultl Dark Prince Costume

In time to celebrate the Halloween festivities, you’ll want to find the perfect men’s costume. What’s really popular this year, probably in part thanks to television shows like Game of Thrones are the period costumes.

These popular costumes are ones that feature men dressed like kings or princes or other noblemen. Hitting the number one slot in popularity is the Men’s Blood Line Adult Dark Prince Costume.

This costume is made of 100% synthetic and it does have to be hand washed when you need to clean it. This costume is a tunic that’s mid thigh in length. It’s a silver-gray color that has a row stitched design throughout the material.

This design gives the tunic the look of armor plating. The tunic does have long sleeves and is warm so it’s a great choice to get if you live in an area where the weather is cooler during Halloween.

The neck of the tunic is a raised V collar tucked into a double stitched seam. On top of the gray tunic is a black piece that looks like it’s quilted but it’s just the way the design is made. This piece covers the center portion of the tunic so that the gray sides do still show around it.

At the top of this black piece is a jeweled design. This design has a row of silver squares with intricate frames around each of the single blue designed jewels. This piece is made to simulate a cloak chain that was worn by the nobles during the medieval period.

The belt on the tunic is made of fabric that’s stitched on both the top and bottom seams. It has a buckle and the center of the buckle contains the same intricate silver design and blue jewel in the center as the cloak chain.

Disguise Men's Lion's Sword

Disguise Men’s Lion’s Sword

There is a sheer black cape that comes along with this costume. This cape is long enough so that it hangs to the middle of the back of the lower legs. The top of the cape is trimmed in dark brown fake fur that goes across both shoulders.

A pair of boot tops is included with the purchase of the costume. These boot tops are the same silver-gray color as the tunic and also have the same armor design. There are black straps that cross the front of the boot covers. The same brown fur that’s at the top of the cloak is trimmed at the top and the bottom of the boot tops.

The sword does not come as part of this costume so you’ll have to purchase that as a separate piece. You can find one that fits the medieval time period with the Disguise Men’s Lion’s Sword.

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