Men’s Plus Size Hercules Costume

Men's Plus Size Hercules Costume

Men’s Plus Size Hercules Costume

Clothes are made to fit people of all height and size in order to give customers the best look and most comfort. Halloween costumes are the same way. When you need to find a plus size men’s costume, there are many that you can choose from.

There are costumes that feature serious characters such as pirates or ones that are funny like costumes based on cartoon characters such as Fred Flintstone. But this year, the costume that landed in the top spot for the most popular is the Men’s Plus Size Hercules Costume.

The costume is made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed or spot washed. The main portion of the costume consists of the body armor piece. This part is made of brown vinyl.

The bottom of the costume has the individual strips of material that end in an arrow shaped point. This style for the armor was common during the time of the Roman Empire.

Each of the individual strips on the bottom of the tunic attach at the waist piece. This piece is a band of gold edging. The middle of the costume is a narrow piece of vinyl that’s edged in another strip of gold.

This middle piece prevents the individual armor strips from ripping all the way up. The top of the tunic has gold edging at the breast line as well as at the rounded neckline. The torso is divided by impressions to give the appearance that it’s a muscled piece.

A red cape comes with this costume. The length of the cape drapes just below the back of the knees. The front of the cape fits over the neck in a wide loop. Arm bands that fit right at the biceps area are included with the costume.

These bands are dark brown and have stud designs on them. Besides the upper arm bands, there are also wrist cuffs. These short cuffs are the same vinyl material as the tunic and are trimmed in gold edging on both the bottom and top.

Men's Gladiator Sandals

Don’t forget your sandals! I really like the look of this pair.

The leg guards come with the costume. These pieces stretch from the front of the foot almost to the knee. The sides of the leg guards are made of individual straps that go on either side of the center piece.

The center piece is wide and decorated with the same stud design as the one found on the arm bands. A headband is included. This piece is made of the brown vinyl and trimmed in gold on the top and bottom.

The stud design is also included in this piece. There are no shoes included so you’ll want to invest in a pair of sandals. The costume can also be accessorized with a sword you can buy online.

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