Monsters’ University Costumes for Couples

Monster University Costumes

Monster University Costumes

Halloween loves evil creatures and monsters. Although monsters from 2013 movie, Monster’s University, are not evil like other monsters, they are monsters, nonetheless. If you are thinking about molding your October 31st in the colors of characters from Monster’s University, you are not going to be disappointed. The variety is not only in the characters, but the types of costumes, which are available for the same monster. As for the colorfulness, there is absolutely no lack of it. So if you have a friend to tag along, you are going to want a Monster’s University costume, regardless of whether he or she is of the same or opposite sex, this theme fits all.

The movie has two main characters: Sully and Mike. Therefore, most of the time, the costumes you are going to come across would be of these two. The types, of course, would differ. Before getting into the types of costumes available, let us consider the two characters. While Sully’s character is blue in color, Mike is light green. Sully is more of big bear-like monster. He is furry and thus, the deluxe versions of his costumes also tend to be this way. In contrast, Mike has one eye and significantly smaller than Sully. If you give a green egg an eye and limbs, you have Mike.

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Women's Mike Costume - Monster's Inc

Women’s Mike Costume – Monster’s Inc

As a result of the shape of Mike, there are hardly any costumes that cover your entire body. Since Mike does not exactly have an upper body, the costumes comprise of his head, arms, paws and his favorite hat. The hat is worn on the head, while is head is worn on your upper body. The arms and paws go where they should. It may not be the most convincing of costumes, but it is different and so is Halloween.




Coming to Sully, the whole bear-like look allows his costumes to be the normal way. There are three common types of Sully costumes. Firstly, we have those which cover the whole body. These tend to be deluxe editions with furs and are usually more expensive than the others. However, they really do make you stand out in the crowd.

Secondly, there is a type where the head is not fully covered and your face is visible. These tend to be about the same price but allows you to mix your character with that of Sully’s. Lastly, if you have tight budget, yet you still love Sully enough to not let go of a chance to dress like him, you are not going to have trouble finding a smaller costume, which only covers the upper body and partial head. These costumes have paws, claws and a tail, which really make you look like a monster.

A good thing about this theme is that it does not favor any one gender. It does not matter if you are a guy or a gal. If you are a Monster’s University fan, you can comfortably get yourself into one of these two colorful costumes and let your partner take the other.

The amazing chemistry these two characters have with one another makes them the ultimate monster couple. If you have a partner or a companion to dress on the same theme, few themes are better than this one. Hitting the Halloween parties, full of evil creatures and superheroes, in your own, friendly-monster way, is true way to make your Halloween extra interesting.

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