Ninjas! Great Costumes for Boys

Boy's Ninja Costume

Stealth Ninja Costume – available at Amazon.

Kids love ninjas. Boys, especially, enjoy dressing up as these stealthy warriors, the covert operators of feudal Japan. That makes Ninja Costumes a particularly good choice for boys on Halloween night.


Ninja Alternatives — There are Lots of Choices!

When it comes to types of ninja costumes, there are plenty of different options for you to choose from. The classic ninja costume is instantly recognizable and available in a variety of eye catching colors and designs. In addition to this, ninja hybrid costumes which combine the ninja with an animal or mythical creature are becoming increasingly popular. Finally, famous ninjas such as Snake Eyes from the highly successful 2013 movie GI Joe: Retaliation are solid choices.

Classic Ninjas

Boy's Red Ninja Costume

Kids’ Red Ninja Costume

In terms of basic design, the classic ninja costume features a hood, a long sleeved shirt, a vest and pants. The most popular colors for classic ninja costumes are black and red but they’re also available in other colors including blue, green, white and camouflage. The majority of classic ninja costumes are also finished with an oriental style design which often feature symbols such as dragons, serpents and skulls.

Hybrid Ninja Costumes

Kids' Zombie Ninja Costume

Zombie Ninja – Halloween Costume for Kids

Hybrid ninja costumes on the other hand merge the look of the classic ninja costume with another creature with two of the most popular hybrid ninja costumes being the cobra ninja costume and the zombie ninja costume. The cobra ninja has the same basic shape as a classic ninja costume but resembles a giant cobra while the zombie ninja costume does exactly as the name suggests and resembles a ninja who’s been infected with a zombie virus.

Famous Ninjas

Snake Eyes Ninja Costume for Boys

Snake Eyes Ninja Costume for Boys

If neither classic ninja costumes nor hybrid ninja costumes are something that interest your young boy, then a famous ninja costume is sure to impress them. There are plenty of examples of famous ninjas on TV, in the movies and in video games, so your child may already have a famous ninja costume idea in mind. However, if not the Snake Eyes costume from GI Joe: Retaliation is a great choice. This costume bears many similarities to the classic ninja costume but features a sleek, all black design and has more solid, modern look to it.

Add Accessories for a Special Look

Ninja Weapon Kit

Ninja Weapon Accessory Kit

Once you’ve chosen a ninja costume for your young boy, a great way to make it stand out from the crowd on Halloween night is to add some accessories. The good news is that there are plenty of ninja accessories available, so you should have no problems making the costume unique. Some of the most popular ninja accessories include action blades, Nunchaku, Sais, Shurikens (ninja stars) and swords.

As you can see, a ninja is an excellent Halloween costume choice for young boys for plenty of reasons. It’s versatile, unique, easy to customize and a costume that will go down extremely well with your child’s friends. It’s also a costume that isn’t exclusive to Halloween and this allows your young boy to get plenty of extra use out of it during the year.


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