Snake Eyes Bodysuit

Snake Eyes Teen Halloween Costume

Snake Eyes Teen Halloween Costume

There are a lot of Halloween costumes that you can buy for a teenage boy. Some of the different options that you have include spacemen, gothic creatures, and classic monsters such as Frankenstein.

Of course, more popular than those are the heroes that are quiet, silent and effective at dealing with the enemy. You’ll find these as characters from movies. The most popular Halloween costume that’s based on a movie character this year is the Snake Eyes Bodysuit.

Snake Eyes was a character from G.I. Joe. He became a quick study in martial arts and was well known for his skill as a swordsman. Highly intellectual, he was often referred to as a ninja commando.

It’s no wonder why teen boys want to wear a costume connecting them with this strong character. This is a one piece jumpsuit – so the mask, the gloves and the feet are all connected.

The jumpsuit consists of black form fitting material. There is a fabric design belt for the waist. In the middle of the belt, there is a printed fabric buckle. The top of the body suit has a printed chest strap that goes from the waist and then up across one shoulder.

This chest strap holds weapons. In the middle of this strap, three of the slots hold three hand grenades. One sleeve of the suit has a printed weapons strap design. The other sleeve features a series of red stripes.

Snake Eyes Gloves

Snake Eyes Gloves

The hood mask has a gray center piece that looks like Snake Eyes has a bandana tied across the upper part of his face. Because the suit is form fitting, you’ll need to order up a size from what your teenager would normally wear.



There are accessories that you can buy to go along with this costume including a gloves and a vest and holster set.





Storm Shadow Deluxe Costume

Storm Shadow Deluxe Costume

You can also buy the Big Boys’ Deluxe Storm Shadow Costume Large for teens who prefer to go with this character from the movie franchise.

This costume is completely white so it’ll really stand out in the evening. This one is not a jumpsuit but instead is made up of separate pieces including a pair of pants, a top, the hood and a pair of fingerless gloves.

The pants are well crafted with fine stitching and can run a bit long. The top is a shirt that has the duck tail split in the back and hangs to the knee in the front. It’s belted with a stretchy belt at the waist. The ninja mask leaves the eye area free but covers the rest of the head including the nose and mouth. The sword is sold separately.

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