Star Wars Bantha Costume for Dogs

Star Wars Bantha Dog Costume

Star Wars Bantha Dog Costume

In all the excitement of planning for your Halloween festivities, don’t forget that you can include your dog in the fun. Since there are so many options that you can choose from to find the perfect costume for your dog, there’s no reason he can’t enjoy a night of dressing up, too.

There are plenty of costumes that you can get for your dog that will be sure to have everyone laughing and talking about how cute he is. Some of these options include costumes that feature peg-leg pirates, police officer or firefighter costumes and even jailbird costumes.

But the most popular costume for dogs this year that everyone wants is the Star Wars Bantha Costume for Dogs. If you and other members of your family went as characters from the movie franchise, you’d have the perfect family costume set that could include your pet.

This costume is more suitable for a dog that’s about medium sized. Though it’s available for larger dogs, the sizing does tend to run a little small. The costume is designed to look like the body of a Bantha.

The top piece travels down the length of your dog’s body and fastens beneath the underside of the dog. The hood of the costume matches the torso part. This hood fastens around the dog’s chin and on either side of it are the large, curved horns like the Banthas have.

These horns are tan in color and have stripes all around. There is a Tusken Raider figure that comes with this costume. This piece is situated on top of the torso part of the costume so that it looks like the Raider is sitting on a saddle.

It even has its feet in stirrups. This figure is dressed in the light tan tunic with the dark brown lines across the chest piece. The face of the figure looks just like the Tusken Raiders from the movie.

The hands of the figure are holding reins that attach to the back of the Bantha piece. The saddle portion of the costume has a bag along with a saddle roll on the rear of it.


There are also other dog costumes that you can get to dress your pet up like Star Wars characters.

Ewok Dog Costume

This Ewok Costume is pretty darn cute for a smaller dog.


One of these is the Star Wars Wookie costume. The Rubies Costume Star Wars Collection Pet Costume features a jacket for your dog that fits around his neck and is made to look like the Wookie body. The headpiece has the cute little furry ears and this piece fastens under the dog’s chin. The sizing on this costume tends to run large.

You can also find Halloween costumes to dress your dog up as an Ewok or as Yoda. Princess Leia and Darth Vader costumes for dogs are available as well.


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