Super Scary Clown Masks

Afraid of clowns? Well, if you are, you’re certainly in good company. The actual term in psychology is coulrophobia, and it’s actually pretty common.

And in Halloween season, that’s a good thing, because if you dress up as a clown, you certainly don’t want anyone thinking you’re a fun, harmless creature, do you? And if you don’t quite feel like going to all the bother of doing the whole clown-makeup thing, you can just pop on a scary clown mask — like one of these.


#1Insano The Clown Overhead Mask
Insano The Clown

#2Blue Hair Clown Mask
Old Blue Hair

#3Deluxe Chopper The Clown Foam Latex Mask
Chopper The Clown

#4Creepy Giggles Clown Mask

#5Deluxe Fonzo The Clown Adult Latex Mask
Fonzo the Clown



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