Teen Retro Costumes

The 60’s: The Hippie Era

teen hippie group

Teen Hippie Costumes

The 60’s was an era that was home to the hippie movement that began with young people, so it’s fitting that hippie costumes are popular costumes decades later. Bell bottomed pants were a staple of the hippie clothing style and you’ll find many of the costumes have these type of pants.

Some of the bell bottoms in the costumes are solid colors, but others feature pants that are a mixture of a solid color on the top or bottom half while the rest of the pants are wild flower or other designs.

The costumes with the pants come with a matching shirt and fringe overlay. Floppy hats with large flowers are also part of the hippie attire. Tie dyed clothing was very popular back in the hippie movement, so you’ll see some costumes that pay homage to that style with t-shirts and headbands. Flower child dresses are also a popular costume that came from the hippie style.

Shown above, left to right: Hippie Gal Costume, Hippie Dippie MaleHippie Love Child Costume.

The 80’s: Flashdance Style

The 80’s were a decade of big hair and wild clothes — and both of those traits show up in the valley girl costumes. These costumes are a mixture of print screen off shoulder shirts, colorful leggings and short mini skirts worn with the leggings. The off the shoulder shirts are a popular style from the Flashdance movie.

The 50’s: Sock Hops and Poodle Skirts

teen poodle skirt

Teen Poodle Skirt

The 50’s were a time of sock hops, poodle skirts and the Pink Ladies. You can have the perfect 1950’s costume with the poodle skirt dress. This is actually a one piece dress that has the famous poodle on a leash symbol and also comes with a pink satin jacket. You can find some of the 50’s costumes with letterman’s jackets, too.


The Roaring 20’s: Gangsters and Molls

Also popular in the retro department are the flapper costumes that celebrate the roaring 20’s.These come in a couple of different styles and are popular in both bright colors or black.

Each of the drop waist dresses has the fringe at the bottom and you can choose from a scoop or straight neckline. You’ll get the headband, most with a feather accessory, either on one side or the center. Some of these costumes come with a boa and additional jewelry, but some don’t.

Teen Gangster and Flapper Costumes

Teen Gangster and Flapper Costumes

Popular retro costumes were molls or females who were either mobsters themselves or were associated with some. The mobster costume is the classic pinstripe black and white short skirt with the white collared shirt beneath the vest. A necktie, fedora and wide belt are part of the retro costume, too.

Pictured: Gangster Costume and Teen Flapper Costume, both available at Amazon.

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