Cute Toddler Halloween Costumes

It’s pure delight to see your little one all decked out in his or her Halloween costume – ready to mingle with the other little goblins  in the neighborhood. You’ll want your child to stand out from the others and to wear something that fits his or her personality.

Tulip Fairy Toddler's Costume

Tulip Fairy Toddler’s Costume

amazon buy button - long whiteYou can find some really unique toddler costumes online – without having to dig through flimsy costumes and sizes at the nearest party store. Here are some terrific costumes that are available online:

Baby Kisses Toddler Costume

Baby Kisses Toddler Costume

Candy Kiss – Your little one will look even more kissable when wearing a Halloween costume that makes him look like a big, silver Hershey’s Kiss.

Lil' Monkey Costume

Lil’ Monkey Costume

Lil’ Monkey – This adorable costume will fit your toddler’s playful personality and keep him warm on Halloween night. It’s lined and zippered for easy diaper access and comes with booties and a hood to protect him from the cold.

Tulip Fairy – Your little girl toddler will look adorable in the Tulip Fairy costume. She’ll parade down the street wearing a flower headpiece, wings and elfin booties looking like a little flower that’s come to life.

Peter Pan – A costume from Peter Pan — the little boy who never grew up consists of a green shirt and pants with a Peter Pan hat. Your child will enjoy hours of imaginative playtime in this costume after Halloween is long over.

Toddler Yoda Costume

Toddler Yoda Costume

amazon buy button - long whiteYoda – Children love Star Wars characters, and one of the cutest is Yoda, the wise little creature who dresses in an oversized, long, flowing robe. This costume set includes the headpiece, with ears like Yoda and a hooded robe made from soft, warm fleece fabric.

Zoo Keeper Costume

Zoo Keeper Costume

Zookeeper amazon buy button - long white– Does your child love trips to the zoo? If so, a zookeeper’s costume may be the exact one that fits his personality. Let him carry a stuffed animal for effect and with the khaki safari jacket, pants, belt and hat, he’ll be ready to pal around with all the little Halloween “animals.”

Halloween is a time when the entire family should have fun and enjoy the season. Costumes for your toddler and every member of the family can be found online – and with a click of the mouse, you can skip the shopping trip to the mall and find a unique costume that you and your toddler will enjoy.


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