Transformers Bumblebee Halloween Costume

Transformers Bumblebee Costume for Boys

Transformers Bumblebee Costume for Boys

Before you know it, it’ll be time to choose the perfect Halloween costume for your child. When you’re looking for a costume for a little boy, you can focus on action heroes – especially ones that are portrayed in some of the top kids’ shows or in blockbuster movies.

Some of the popular costumes feature heroes that go through a transformation. One of them is the Incredible Hulk. In the blink of an eye, this guy goes from a mild mannered character to a strong hero.

Boys love heroes that transform and they love vehicles. When you combine those two things, then you have a hero that is one of the most popular ones this year.

That hero is found in the Transformers Bumblebee Halloween Costume. The costume itself is a full body jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is made of nylon that stretches, so you’ll have a good fit.

It’s machine washable. The shirt of the jumpsuit does have long sleeves for warmth, but if you need to add additional clothing underneath the costume, the material will accommodate that.

The material print is designed to look just like a vehicle. There are gray metal pieces that are shaped like car parts. These parts are interspersed with the yellow pieces.

It’s these yellow pieces that make up Bumblebee’s character when he’s transformed into the car mode. In the center of the shirt, the design is set to make it look as if it’s opened up.

This shows off internal car parts including sturdy springs. A mask does come with the costume, so that you don’t have to buy that separately. The top is yellow and has the dark portions on either side of the top of the mask.

These dark portions combined with the yellow pieces are what makes the mask resemble the head of a bumblebee. The front of the mask has wide spaces for the eyes.

This gives your child a clear view of his surroundings and doesn’t obstruct his vision which is an important safety feature. The side and chin of the mask are covered with gray metal looking pieces.

Hasbro Transformers Bumblebee Gloves for Boys

Gotta have the Bumblebee Gloves to Complete the Look!

The mask is constructed of plastic and there is a comfort piece for the nose. If you’d like to go for the complete Bumblebee look, there are some Bumblebee gloves that you can purchase to finish off the outfit.

These gloves are the officially licensed product. They’re made of polyester and are designed to fit the hands of most young children. The printed design on the gloves are made to look like metal pieces complete with hinges at the base of the fingers. Each center part of the fingers and the thumbs are created to look like the same yellow plastic as the car.

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